September 2017 wrap up – Director’s Desk

Prospecive buyers in the Lower North Shore area remain active. They were positive and prepared to commit to top prices on the back of low interest rates and a level of fear they might not get into the market if they didn’t move. The main driver appears to be prospective buyers wanting to be settled in before Christmas 2017.

There is a momentum change taking place and prospective buyers are prepared to wait and see what is going to happen next in the marketplace.

The growing belief and a theme that is appearing through buyer feedback is that prices must ease so buyers are tempted to sit, wait, and see if the market eases opening the opportunity to strike a deal.

As such there hasn’t been the usual market rush that we have come to expect in Spring as evidenced in the past few years and that has started to worry some vendors considering taking their property to market.

However a slowdown hasn’t meant any fall in prices. Demand is still strong, it just isn’t as strong as it has been previously. There are still significant numbers of buyers willing to act now for fear of missing out. 

Our experience through the month of September is that buyers have been prepared to pay good value prices to secure their property now while interest rates remain competitive and in order to be settled before Christmas.


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