Antoine Biger

Residential sales and leasing
Antoine is an integral part of The Property Lab's service team, specialising in residential leasing and sales.
He is a real people person with excellent listening skills, is friendly and enthusiastic and loves surprising his clients with exceptionally efficient and professional service.
In 2019 he chose to join The Property Lab, a boutique business he has admired and aspired to work with to further his education and training as he prides himself on operating with integrity and attention to detail.
Antoines hobbies include cooking, motor bike riding and playing basketball, but these days finds most enjoyment spending quality time with his young family.

Sandy Plunkett

Hi Gerard. Antoine was great! It really was a pleasure to go through a property with a truly humane, pragmatic person. No matter what, this was a good experience in a year that hasn’t had a lot of good experiences (speaking more about the world in general) But I take the time to say it because it matters. It matters that people are kind and rational and tough where it counts. Unfortunately it is rare. So guys, whatever you are doing pls keep doing it. I for one will tell everyone I know about the professionalism and “real-ness” of PropertyLab. Thx. 

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